Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bookworm of Gensan's MIBF Book Hauls

The best deals can be had during the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). Brand new books are discounted from 15-75%! There are also a lot of second-hand hardcovers! For a probinsiyano bookworm like me, many of the books I've been nagging local bookstores about can be found here.

Most of my MBIF book purchases are business books I use for teaching and mentoring, novels,and Filipiniana.

And then there are lots and lots of freebies with your book purchases! Fully Booked tops it in giving away freebies and free MIBF entrance passes.

Gift-book for my judging in the ReaderCon. :)

Finally got myself a copy of these books!

Second hardcovers for only P99!

A definitive Filipino dictionary from UP

The Hobbit with annotations to add to my LOTR collection.

In my continuing quest to understand my Chinese-ness.

The MIBF is an opportunity to enrich further my Filipiniana collection.
A signed copy of Marites Danguilan Vitug's latest book.

Adding this book to my Ninoy & Cory Aquino book collection.

When my interest in comics and graphic novels was revived, there was no turning back for me. :)

Advance copy of Mitch Albom's latest novel.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bookworm of Gensan goes to the 33rd MIBF

Bookworm of Gensan arrives on the 2nd day of the 33rd MIBF


September 2012 marked two firsts for me: attendance to my first international book fair (the 33rd Manila International Book Fair) and my first time to watch a live stage musical (Phantom of the Opera).

In this time of plane promo fares, it was important for me to have available information about these events to plan my trip from Gensan to Manila. Ticket sale for Phantom of the Opera was announced in May (through Ticketworld) while the exact date of the 33rd MIBF was announced in July. Before I bought my Phantom ticket online in May, I had to google when the previous MIBFs were held (second week of September) to make sure that the Manila trip duration could cover both events. And so I booked my promo fare ticket from September 13-18.

When the 33rd MIBF date was announced in July (Sept. 12-16), I realized my estimate was off by a day, thus I arrived at the SMX venue on the second day.

Earlier in August, Facebook was awash with posters from National Book Store, Powerbooks, Anvil, Goodwill Book Store announcing new book offerings and book signings during the MIBF. These made it easy for me to plan my five-day itinerary in the metro.  I was able to bring the books I wanted the authors to sign for me.

MIBF Day 2

Bookworm of Gensan gets ready to plunge into an ocean of books inside the MIBF with the free gatepasses provided by National Book Store.
After checking in at the hotel where I was billeted, I went straight to the SMX for the second day of the 33rd MIBF. I saw large tarp billboards showing the schedule of special events (already available at the MIBF website) and a locator map of the 136 booths of the exhibitors/sellers. Copies of this map were not available at the three registration counters (where you buy entrance tickets to the MIBF at P20 for adults and P10 for kids) so I had to take a cam photo of it to help me navigate the four halls occupied by the MIBF. It was only during MBIF Day 4 when I discovered the Secretariat booth  inside Hall # 2 giving out these maps.

I had to take a cam photo of the locator map of the booths at the SMX lobby to help me navigate through the 4 halls occupied by the MIBF
The first thing that hit me upon entering the MIBF was the intoxicating smell of new books! Already I was drowning in it! Imagine four large halls measuring 9,130 square meters filled with books! 

And the people! I had gone to book fairs here in Mindanao before and I thought the crowd filling the MV Doulos and Logos (floating book stores) was already that many, but I have never seen this LARGE number of people interested in books! Many came in vans and buses! Students, librarians, teachers, school administrators, parents and their kids, teeners, and of course, bookworms like me.

The diversity of books was overwhelming!

MIBF Day 3

Bookworm of Gensan asks Mr. Colayco about our coop inviting him to Gensan to give a seminar

The third day of the 33rd MIBF started off with the book signing by Francisco Colayco of his money management books. A staff member coordinating the event started checking if those who lined up for it had receipts for their books. When she saw mine in plastic cover and without the ubiquitous red plastic bag, she asked me for the receipt. I told her that I flew all the way from Gensan to have my copy signed by Mr. Colayco and that I had to ask how our university coop can invite him to conduct his seminar for us. I showed her the price tag still stuck at the back of my copy to prove I bought it from their store branch in Gensan. I also told her that the event was a book signing and NOT a book launching which, of course, requires buying a copy of it to be signed by the author.  She then asked me to keep quiet about not having a receipt and to stay in line. When it was my turn, I introduced myself to Mr. Colayco and asked him how our coop can invite him to give us a money management seminar in Gensan. He graciously asked his staff to give me his card and get my contact information.

I hied off to the OMFlit booth to get the magnetic page keeper from Ida Torres. It was a gift for my joining their online survey last week. I would return to this booth on MIBF Day 5 to buy some children's books.

I went to the Goodwill Book Store booth to look for a copy of Arlyn dela Cruz's A Lifetime of Freedom. I asked a staff where I could find and buy a copy of it. He said: We don't carry that title here, sir. But Goodwill and Katha published it according to the poster I saw on Facebook, I said. No sir, Goodwill did not publish it, he answered. I countered, how can that be? Tomorrow it will be launched here at the MIBF! He said: I'll ask somebody about it, sir.

Somebody, presumably a supervisor, came over and when told that I was looking for Arlyn's book, he pointed to a shelf far from us containing copies of it. I told the supervisor what the staff told me and gave the staff a lecture: "If you don't know, ask. Don't give an answer to something you don't know" and "This is an international book fair, for God's sake!" I went to pay for my copy at the cashier's and told them I regularly visit their Davao City branch.

Side trip

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend, writer-poet Romulo "Joey" Baquiran Jr., for some merienda and  chitchat at Bonifacio Global City. I also asked him to sign my copy of Sagad sa Buto which I described to him as his most personal work. We had such fun keeping up with each other's lives. Joey and I were both fellows in the 1989 National Writers Workshop of Silliman University in Dumaguete City.

I went to Fully Booked main store in Bonifacio High Street for the relaunching of Not On Our Watch edited by Jo-ann Maglipon. I immediately bought a copy of it and had it signed by the editor Jo-Ann Maglipon. I also saw and talked to columnist Conrado de Quiros.

MIBF Day 4

A habagat was lashing the metro with rains and gusty winds, but it was an auspicious day for me on Day 4 of the MIBF.

Bookworm of Gensan introduces himself to the Lourd
Upon learning that I'm from Gensan, Lourd holds on to me and says: I'm not letting you go until you give me tunaaaaa!

Bookworm of Gensan meets Historian Ambeth Ocampo who signs copies of his two latest books.

Arlyn dela Cruz welcomed me like an old friend. She's been to Gensan and said my presence brought lots of happy memories for her.

An MIBF bonus for Bookworm of Gensan is meeting Ricky Lee and telling him the fun and joy reading his Para Kay B and Amapola novels.

Bookworm of Gensan meets Filipino Book Bloggers Tarie Subido and Blooey Singson who are proudly holding up their personalized blogger t-shirts, pasalubong from moi :)
Since I missed the first ReaderCon of the Filipino Book Bloggers last year during the 32nd MIBF, I was hoping I could attend the second one this year, but alas, it was held a month earlier than the 33rd MIBF. Being a member of this group, I was hoping to meet them in person during the ReaderCon. Nevertheless, I was still able to meet some of them - Tarie SubidoHoney de PeraltaBlooey SingsonKwesi Jan  Junsan, and Jzhun Agev on MIBF Day 4. :)

MIBF Day 5 

My itinerary for Day 5 was hectic because the two events were closely scheduled next to each other. The first was the book signing by Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo, Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio slated right before the start of The Phantom of the Opera.

Budjette Tan of Trese fame signs my copy of his graphic novel.

Souvenir shot with Wella, Budjette's wife, Budjette and Kajo.

Bookworm of Gensan talks to Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria about Gensan and Manny Pacquiao.