Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bookworm of Gensan laments The Nick Joaquin Book Festival

Nick Joaquin is a multi-awarded writer-journalist. So when Anvil Publishing, National Book Store and Powerbooks launched the Nick Joaquin Book Festival this July, I was excited about the chance to complete my collection of Nick Joaquin's books.

But my enthusiasm was doused when I saw that the participating branches of National Book Store and Powerbooks were all in Metro Manila and Luzon ONLY.


Doesn't a NATIONAL ARTIST of Nick Joaquin's stature deserve a NATIONWIDE book festival? I know this book fair was conducted to promote the biography of Nick Joaquin written by his nephew Tony Joaquin. But it appears to me as a hastily-conceived promo.

Why promote Nick Joaquin's books ONLY in Metro Manila and Luzon? Don't the readers of Visayas and Mindanao deserve the chance to discover/rediscover the literary genius of Joaquin?

The two branches of National Book Store here in Gensan carry only 3-4 of the nine books shown in the poster. I had to request some titles I needed from the customer service counter here.

This book festival is a missed opportunity for the publisher, book stores and readers alike and it needs a major rethinking.


  1. Sayang no, we are readers too, aren't we?

  2. hi bookworms, I voted you from my top 10 influential bloggers for 2011