Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bookworm of Gensan thinks: Why I give books as gifts

I consider book stores as my comfort zone in the same way a fisherman finds solace at sea. May be this is why I call my book-finding adventures as trawling for books. Like a fisherman, I cast my net far and wide hoping to get a bounty of a catch in book choices. I set aside those whose titles and/or authors may interest me or my friends and put back in the shelves/bins those that don't. 

Books are neutral gifts for friends because they don't have a loaded meaning like giving a deodorant spray or sexy underwear. I try to remember or surmise what type of books might interest a friend (Is s/he passionate about it,  is it job/project-related, is it something s/he can learn anything from?).

If it were just for the sake of gift-giving (like for a Christmas party where you don't really know who'll get the exchange gift you brought), any book will do.  But I take time to discern how my friends will be delighted/enlightened in reading their gift-books. This friend misses his father so much, I think this book on fathers and sons will soothe his feelings. That doctor-friend may be surprised to know that medicine is not only good for textbooks, but also for short stories and essays. This book on practical foreign language phrases might help this friend communicate better with her fiance.

It doesn't need an occasion for me to give gift-books. When the right book comes out of my trawling expeditions, I feel giddy to buy it for the intended reader. So, my friends should not be surprised when I approach them, smiling with a book in hand. Each gift-book comes with this: I immediately thought of you when I saw this book. I'm happy to be the bridge so this book can cross over to you.

Bookworm of Gensan recommends: Summer Reads

Summertime is the best time to catch up on your reading! Whether you're on the beach trying hard to get a tan or deliberately avoiding the sun, or lounging on a hammock or easy-chair, try any of these books which are not only light on your eyes, but also on your pocket.
100 Kislap by Abdon Jun Balde Jr. - this gem of a book contains 100 bite-size stories (150 words or less). Reading this book is like eating peanuts - one you start, you can't stop. Just open it at any page and read away! Available at National Book Store.

Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan by Bob Ong: 2010's bestselling book and Bob Ong's 8th. This one is sure to raise some goosebumps as it is his first try at writing a horror novel. If a summer breeze is hard to come by wherever you're reading this, the shivers it generates will surely cool you down quick. Available at Bibliarch and National Book Store.

Paper Cuts by Pam Pastor - LOL moments abound in this tiny book that fits right into your kikay beach bag along with the sunscreen lotion. etc. Available at National Book Store.

8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurs by Mary Joy Abaquin - for the father or mother who wants to teach their kids about money, business and life and not just rely on being employees after college. From Go Negosyo and available at National Book Store.

Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King - features 4 novellas from Stephen King. Enough said. Available at Bibliarch and National Book Store.